As Seen In ABC News and CNN How scammers are using logos to trick you

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As Seen In… Nowhere!

Work at home scammers love to use well known company names and logos to trick you out of your hard earned money. Recently, hundreds of work at home scams and unscrupulous web site operators have begun to use “AS SEEN ON [Name of TV Show]…” or “AS SEEN IN [Newspaper Name]…” with the hopes of making you believe that their offer is legitimate.

The truth is – it is very easy to steal a company logo from a website. Many scammers will simply do a Google image search for “ABC News logo” or “Readers Digest image” and then copy and save the file for their own use.

Scammers generally prefer to use only the most well known media outlets. Besides ABC and CNN you’ll probably also see Oprah, The View (tv show), Wired Magazine, the New York Times, and even Elle and Marie Claire fashion magazines. Depending on the particular scam they are touting you might also see references to “Woman’s Day” or “Parents Magazine.” Occasionally you might even see the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Member or Accredited Business logo.

If the scammer has already been caught stealing logos and misleading job seekers then you might notice phony logos that sound close enough to the real thing to trick you such as “New Yorker News Daily” or the “Seattle Daily Press” or “Better Business Board.” The logos look very close to the real thing but never provide a link to an actual website or new article. Another trick is to simply create an official sounding organization and then claim membership or verified status (such as “Verified Scam Free Business” or “Certified by the Anti Scam Association.”)

Avoid Offers That Claim “As Seen In” Media Coverage But Do Not Provide A Link

Anytime you see a website, job posting or advertisement with an impressive list of “As Seen In…” logos and company names you should immediately question the legitimacy of the offer. Why is it necessary for them to name drop all the press coverage but not provide you with links to those articles? If they are so proud of all the glowing praises that they’ve received it seems they would also want to provide you with a copy or link of the article so you could read it for yourself.

Websites or opportunities that receive legitimate, national press recognition are of course going to repost the article and provide you with a link where you can read this great news for yourself. Why wouldn’t they? Surely its going to make you believe whatever it is they are telling you if ABC News and CNN stand behind it! Unfortunately, there is no real article because ABC News and CNN would never promote or support a work at home scam, so the scammer is hoping that just posting those fancy logos will be enough to make their scam look legit.

Be careful of fake news sites too. Many scammers have figured out that they can make their opportunity look much more legit by providing a link to what looks like a real news article. Often they design the phony page to look just like the real thing. The really sneaky ones will use a pop up that says “you are now being directed to ABC News.” For this reason, you should always look at the address bar on your web browser to make sure the the URL is the correct (for instance If the website address does not say then the page is a fake.

Don’t Be Impressed by “As Seen In” Claims

If the logo or claim does not link to a real article on a real news or media website then it is probably a scam.

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