Aviation Website Helps Homeworkers Land Jobs With Airlines

Posted by | September 20, 2010 | Blog, Work at Home News

AviationNet.com is an online job board exclusively focused on aviation and aerospace employment opportunities. Since 1995, AviationNet.com has become one of the best-known and most popular aviation and aerospace sites specializing in Aviation Maintenance Jobs, Engineering Jobs, A&P Mechanic Jobs and Avionics Jobs. With the recent addition of their virtual and home based career services, they are now able to help home-workers land work at home jobs with airlines, aviation firms and travel agencies.

AviationNet.com is owned and operated by a Service Connected Disabled Veteran. Part of their mission is to provide a free resource for transitioning U.S. Military members. They have thousands of solid career contacts to share with you along with tips and advice for landing a job. In fact, they post more than 100,000 aviation based jobs – for free. “We are very excited about the addition of our home based recruiting efforts,” said Chris Myers, executive director of AviationNet. “We’ve seen tremendous growth over the last five years with airlines and aviation firms that need to hire work at home agents to perform sales, customer service and reservations. But, there were no solid recruiting firms who could meet this need.” For this reason, Myers said that AviationNet decided to expand their services to include recruitment for the virtual aviation market which includes not only the major airlines but also aviation contractors and speciality firms.

“Besides reservations and customer service, there is also a variety of opportunities for aviation software specialists, tech support agents, aviation writers and bloggers, and even aviation video game players to work from home” said Myers. “The market has expanded to the point that we decided to assign team members to handle employers who need home based staff members or who are interested in offering virtual work opportunities. This allows us to work directly with the airlines or aviation firm to assist them with finding the best and most qualified applicants for a home based job.”

According to Myers, hiring employers are most interested in candidates who have the ability to work effectively and easily from home. “Since most employers do not cover home office equipment or access fees, it is important that the home based worker have dependable high speed Internet access, a newer computer and all the necessary tools to work from home. “It depends on the job and the employer but on average we are seeing hiring managers that are looking for applicants with a solid credit score, a business level phone and voicemail system, and access to virtual conference and meeting tools.

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To access home based and virtual jobs with the airlines and aviation companies you will need to register withAviationNet.com. Registration is free and is available to anyone interested in work in the airline industry or aviation field.


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