Business Incorporation Service

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This is one of the easiest businesses to start and operate. All you have to do is order Certificate of Incorporation forms for every state that you intend to help clients incorporate in (many stationery stores carry them.) The forms are simple to complete, but take care to follow their rules to the letter. For example, not placing a comma between the business name and the abbreviation “Inc.” is reason enough for the state to return the form to you unprocessed.


To start your service you will need to contact government information centers in different states to get the necessary information regarding fees and procedures for incorporating a business in that state. Each state has their own fees and guidelines, so the more states that you are familiar with, the business you’ll enjoy because you will be able to offer your services nationwide.


The easiest way to find customers is with an internet web site. Many software programs are available that will help you build and upload your site to the World Wide Web. Don’t be tempted to offer the same price range as conventional services, which charge from $500 to $1500 on average. Your low price is your greatest asset, so make sure it is prominently displayed on your web site and in your marketing materials. It is also a good idea to have a brochure, business letter and other professional documents prepared.


You will need a personal computer, printer and software along with other general office equipment including a telephone, desk, chair, etc. You will also need business cards, a brochure and letterhead.


You should add only $50 – $100 to your expenses for each incorporation that you file. Therefore, if the states processing fee is $125.00, the fees for the seal and ledger is $75.00 and the application fee is $35.00, you should charge no more than $335.00 for your services. Handling only 10 incorporations per week will bring you about $52,000 per year. You can make even more if you decide to offer other services. For instance, you could sell “Complete Incorporation Kits” that include instructions, forms, contact phone numbers and addresses. You could also offer services for helping businesses obtain an Employer Identification Number from the IRS.


Contact each states incorporation office to get the necessary forms and information.

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