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The Scoop On CAbi Work At Home Personal Fashion Consulting

Most direct sales programs are all the same. You pester your friends by begging them to come to a party at your house with a friend so you can pitch makeup or home products or gifts or candles or kitchen goods. Then you pester them to have a party of their own. You might make a few bucks and maybe earn some free products but that is about it. When your friends begin to decline your party invitations – you move on to another program with the hopes of winning them back.

This scenario is common of most direct sales programs out there with the exception of a few. HomeworkersNetlearned about one such exception when we came across a successful WAHM (work at home mom) who is not only earning a great home based income but is also having fun while selling some truly amazing products. The program is called CAbi and it is probably one of the best direct sales programs you’ll find.

CAbi (stands for Carol Anderson By Invitation). Carol Anderson is a successful clothing designer who once worked with department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. She launched her CAbi line in 2001 and now sells her designs exclusively via home based parties and independent CAbi consultants. The clothes are stylish but classy, and the quality rivals the highest of couture fashion. Great care is taken with not only materials and design but also sizing so that most women will find an incredible fit.

The quality and style of the CAbi line actually sells itself, making the home consultants job even easier. In fact, CAbi is probably one of the only direct sales program where the customers go in search of a CAbi Representative! This truly is perhaps the biggest difference between CAbi and other home party plans – your customers will be knocking at your door as soon as a new CAbi line is released asking when you will be doing a party or placing a CAbi order. Browse the current CAbi Look Book and see for yourself – the designs are amazing.

Calling All CAbi Girls! 

As a CAbi Representative or Fashion Consultant you will enjoy a steady income if stay up to date on new CAbi product lines and grow your customer base by giving the occasional parties. The most successful CAbi Consultants know that the more knowledgeable they are of the clothes and their customers, the more money they will earn. “For me, its about building relationships and truly getting to know the ladies that attend my parties,” one CAbi Consultant told us. “I might learn that someone has a big date coming up or an important work presentation or a graduation to attend. I find that my customers really appreciate it when I remember these important events and call them up with an idea for a great CAbi outfit. I think they are relieved too because they now do not have to worry about what to wear. They know they are going to look great!”

CAbi hosts a twice yearly fun and educational event for their Consultants called “The Scoop”. Not only do they provide training on sales methods but they also offer detailed information on CAbi clothes and fashion that culminates in a professional fashion show with CABi clothes and models. The CAbi website provides Consultants with a private login and access to party ideas, marketing tips and much more.

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CAbi is the ultimate in personal shopping

At a typical CAbi party, the hostess will invite a group of ladies to her home. Perhaps she will serve a selection of wines and appetizers and encourage the guests to mingle and get to know each other. The CAbi Consultant will have a selection of clothes on hand from the current season in a variety of sizes. She will present each outfit and explain a bit about the item, and perhaps offer some ideas as to how to wear the outfit or what accessories might work. Each guest will receive a CAbi catalog and pencil so that she can make notations of items she might like. When the presentation is complete, the guests are invited to try on clothes and ask the CAbi Consultant questions. CAbi Consultants, thanks to extensive training from the company, have expert level knowledge of the clothes, sizing and designs and are therefore a wonderful source of information.

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Party and Profit

Why is CAbi one of the best direct sales opportunities?

CAbi’s retention rate is over 80%. Many other direct sales programs have only a 10-20% retention rate.

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) the average sales for a direct sales party is between $400-$500. The average CAbi show is over $1600/show.

The basic commission level that CAbi pays on a show is typically higher than the total show total with other direct sales companies.

As stores like Ann Taylor and Macy’s are closing stores across the U.S., CAbi sales continue to increase!

If you are interested in becoming a CAbi consultant, visit the CAbi Career Web page for more information. 

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