Looking for a little extra cash for the holiday season? Many companies are currently hiring part time seasonal workers that do not require experience. And the great thing about these jobs is that they all can lead to full time or long term work, plus you\’ll gain valuable home based experience that will help you land other jobs.

The following opportunities are a few of our top picks based on salary, employer quality and ease of getting hired:

Online Data Providers 
If you\’ve been searching for a work at home career that allows you to work when you want and earn great money you should think about becoming a Content Reviewer, Survey provider, or Online Product or Service Reviewer. These are excellent opportunities because you will not need to have experience to get hired and you can write about any subject that interests you.

Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys.

Generally, you should be able to start working within a few days after applying. The best thing – this can be a full or part time and long term if you are interested in working beyond the holiday season!

Seasonal Holiday Customer Support
VIPdesk is now recruiting over 250 work-at-home call center agents to start in late October as seasonal holiday customer service support. These agents will respond to incoming phone calls from Eddie Bauer\’s customers and earn an average of $10-$14/hour, working 25 hours/week or more.

Customer Service agents (sometimes referred to as Brand Ambassadors) earn an average of $10-$14/hour. Brand Ambassadors work 25 hours/week or more, and participate in a two-week certification course before they start assisting customers.

Visit our VIPDesk Job Page for more information

Seasonal Virtual Agents

The main requirements for employment at this virtual call center are a friendly disposition, computer skills, high-speed Internet access and a land line. Most of the 2,800 employees work from home full time. The company is looking to fill another 500 positions by the end of the year, including full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs. The salary range is $9 to $13 an hour and full-time positions come with health and retirement benefits as well as paid vacation.

The company is also looking for bilingual applicants who speak Spanish, Mandarin or Cantonese in addition to English. Some customer service experience, while not mandatory, will certainly help, according to Beth Beard, senior director of operations.

Learn more about this opportunity by visiting the Job Detail Page

Seasonal Hotel Agents

Hilton Reservations & Customer Care is currently hiring reservations agents at select locations to support our guests staying at our Hilton Family of Brands. As a Hilton at Home Reservations and Sales Specialist, you wil receive inbound calls from people across the country and assist them in making reservations for our hotels and resorts. You will use the most modern technology available while working from the comfort of your own home office.

Visit Hilton Job Page for more information 

Customer Support Agents

What could be better than an exciting customer support opportunity with a Fortune 1000 company? How about earning guaranteed hourly pay without leaving home? If you are looking for a home-based career opportunity, then consider West at Home.

West at Home Agents work from the comfort of their own homes and are employees of West at Home LLC. Every day our agents transform their home office into a support center for one of West at Home\’s many well-known clients. From customer care and live chat to email and incoming sales calls, agents handle our clients\’ most vital interaction – the interaction with their customers. Based on the program you are assigned and trained on, you may be assisting an individual with resolving a billing inquiry, helping your customer purchase an accessory for their wireless phone, or perhaps providing product assistance/troubleshooting.

Unlike many other at-home businesses, absolutely no investment is needed beyond having the necessary phone and computer equipment as well as a high speed Internet connection to receive incoming calls. You will receive thorough, paid training and, if qualified, can be assisting your first customer within days of applying.

Apply now: West Job Page

Virtual Agents 

To research and respond to 2-way text inquiries quickly and accurately. Special Agents combine ingenuity with research skills to solve real problems for real people every day. Some questions require a serious answer, others require a sense of humor, and some require both.

Special Agents fit their “Special Agent life” around their normal activities. When the kids are at school. When they’re between college classes. Any time. Mornings. Afternoons. Or nights. Special Agents sign up for shifts based on their weekly availability. This can be a year round opportunity if you are interested.

Visit our Special Agents Job Page for more information and to apply now.

Technical Writing Business

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Home Based Technical Writing Business

Technical writing would make an excellent home-based business and I’m speaking from experience! Many members are enjoying success from home performing technical writing. Their tasks usually include transforming retail product directions and instructions into user friendly help files, manuals and pamphlets. The pay is great and the work is endless. (According to the Society for Technical Communication, technical writers and editors earn an average of $55,850 to $74,610 per year or more.)

Now, I know what many of you are probably thinking… you see the word “technical” and your palms get sweaty. Worse – the word “writing” gives you flashbacks of high school English. But don’t fret. There are a variety of technical writing opportunities – some that involve advanced skills and others that do not.

Put simply, technical writing is the presentation of information on any scientific, engineering, academic, business or technological topic in the form most suited to its user. A technical writer can be someone who prepares resumes, writes grants, creates contracts, edits books or articles, writes web content, prepares term papers, bibliographies and reference lists, writes instructions, edits manuals and guidebooks, prepares legal documents, copyedits, drafts letters, prepares software or hardware installation procedures, writes and edits textbooks, prepares training courses, compiles service guides, maintains help files, writes newsletters, prepares business proposals and so much more.

Technical writers are in big demand and many companies are willing to pay top dollar for someone with technical writing skills. Better yet, a vast majority of technical writing jobs are freelance, off-site, home based or “virtual”. If you are looking to work from your home, technical writing might just be the ticket to get your there.

We suggest the following resources to get you started: Handbook of Technical Writing

Technical Communication

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer

Available Jobs
Career Guide Writers needed. Apply Here
Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys.

How About Some Good News For A Change

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Everywhere you turn there seems to be bad news these days; The economy, layoffs, foreclosures. But here\’s something that is sure to brighten your day. Home based and virtual home office jobs are expected to actually GROW in 2014. Here\’s what you need to know:

The Work At Home Trend
Actually, the trend towards working at home really started to gain momentum a few years ago. But now that cutbacks with many top employers have begun to threaten productivity, managers are looking for ways to keep their workforce while still staying within budget.

Hiring a virtual (home based) work force makes sense.

Just ask Cassie Jennings, a Homeworkersnet.commember who was hired to work at home for Unum last year. She loves her job, but especially enjoys staying at home with her infant son. \”I was so happy after to land this great job. I basically help customers with their insurance policies. I work on my computer and sometimes via telephone and earn about $13.50 per hour. I love it! And I actually save money by not having to gas up the car, buy work clothes and pay for a babysitter.\”

Unum now has nearly 1,000 employees who work at home across the United States and experts to hire more in 2010. Unum spokesman M.C. Guenther said the insurance company continues to expand its use of WORK AT HOME OPTIONS for the growing number of employees who volunteer for such jobs. (These jobs will be posted on so please login weekly to check for updates. It\’s free!)

Another insurance company – BlueCross also plans to hire more telecommuters. According to manager Jeff Wakefield, BlueCross plans to double its telecommuting staff in the next year. “So far, the program is working very well with all types of jobs in our business,” he said. “We’re able to communicate with and monitor the activities of our at-home workers throughout the day, and many have found such an arrangement to be more productive for them and us.”

You will also see home based customer service opportunities with Aetna, Asurion and many others. Login to see current opportunities.

Looking at 2014 and What YOU Will Need To Get Hired
Experts expect the work-at-home trend to continue in 2014 as a growing share of workers are employed in information-based jobs and increased broadband connections enable more workers to perform their tasks from telephones and computers at home.

High-speed Internet connections, enhanced personal computers and upgraded Web security systems have combined to turn most any home into a virtual office. At the same time, cost-conscious businesses and workers are eager to find ways to cut travel time, office expenses and work distractions.

All employers agree, to get hired – you must have these basic tools:
a newer computer system
high speed Internet access
a reliable email account (yahoo, aol and hotmail are NOT reliable! Don\’t use them!!)
Virtual FAX
Program to send large files securelyClick here

Employers usually provide the computer and phone connection fees (if you are already set up to use them), and BlueCross even gives its at-home workers an ergonomically designed chair and desk.

Nonetheless, Mr. Wakefield estimates employers can save, on average, up to $20,000 per employee a year by at-home work arrangements.

“The trend toward the virtual office and work-at-home arrangements with employees was already beginning before the economy turned down,” said John Sorrrow, Cigna Healthcare’s mid-South division president. “In our business, we’re seeing more people want to work at home, and we’re seeing the advantages of having them do so. It’s a win for employers and employees because it lowers our real estate and office costs and it allows people to work where they choose to work.”

Copyright All Rights Reserved.

VOT is Recruiting Virtual Assistants

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Data Processor II

Salary: $12.50/hr. to $18.00/hr. depending on experience

Location: U.S. based, Remote only.

Job Description: This position performs a variety of simple or moderately complex data entry and verification duties. Works from scanned images or other external documents consolidating and matching information for input. Processing may include but may not be limited to: enrollment, investment option elections (initial entry and general maintenance), benefits, etc.

Requirements: High school diploma or GED required plus a minimum of two years of related experience. Must have basic computer skills and ability to learn new software. Strong data entry and accuracy skills are required. Must have a virtual assistant website that we can review before being selected for interview.

You can use the free site builder HERE (with free setup and support) to create your virtual assistant website now. Please be sure your website contains your most recent resume, salary history, reference list, home office equipment list with specs, any home office experience you have and a list of software and hardware that you are familiar with.

Who May Apply: U.S. citizens with current work history. Company WILL provide hardware and software including a laptop, headset and cell phone. You must have an acceptable credit history to qualify. CLICK HERE 

HOW TO APPLY : Send your name, shift preference and a link to your Virtual Assistant Website/Online Resume Portfolio to : –

Please note: For security reasons, we cannot accept resume attachments via email. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN OUR VIRTUAL OPPORTUNITY.

VOT – Virtual Office Temps Has A New Recruiting Platform!

Virtual Office Temps (VOT) is one of the Internet’s fastest growing single source providers of document and information virtual (remote office) outsourcing. With access to more than 500,000 freelance and certified virtual assistants, VOT operates worldwide without constraints or barriers. We’ll help you get professional business help at the lowest rates for your project!

Employers post jobs which are made available to thousands of available and qualified virtual assistants. You will apply for jobs and projects directly via the VOT platform using your VOT Online Resume. This will give you full access to the VOT private messaging center to communicate with hiring employers. Employers will contact you privately via the message center where they will discuss your skills and abilities and negotiate your salary.

Virtual assistants follow the general office and document standards set forth here and in theAdministrative Assistant\’s and Secretary\’s Handbook

Each candidate is PRE SCREENED and verified. Virtual assistant candidates are also invited to complete free training and certifications. You will earn badges for each training module that you complete! 


There is no bidding for jobs and there is no fee!

The following is a blog post by HomeworkersNet member Jessica Seeger. Jessica currently works from her home as a Home Based Tech Support Agent. She found her job thanks to the website.

How many work at home jobs have you applied to? 



Fifty !!! ?

If you have applied to at least ten legitimate work at home job opportunities but have not received a reply thenyour resume is not doing its job.

One of the most common questions I see is

I have applied to a lot of jobs but never hear anything from them, Why? 

Well, the reason usually involves the same two problems:

1. I have applied to ALL the jobs generally turns out to mean I have only applied to one or two typing or data entry jobs from home jobs and that\’s it.

Yes, typing from home is great, but the truth is: REAL typing from home job opportunities are rare. Most are scams. The legit jobs (such as the ones you\’ll find posted with are highly competitive. A typical typing specialist or data entry assistant position receives THOUSANDS (yes… thousands!) of resumes. These employers are free to pick and choose only the absolute best homeworkers. So, if you do not have extensive clerical experience including experience working from home, then you are going to find it very hard to land a home based data entry or secretarial position. If you really want to get hired you will need to consider many of the other worthwhile work at home opportunities such as Customer Service, Tech Support, Blogging, Telephone Work, Sales, Marketing, Internet Research, Tutoring, Writing, Recruiting and many others.

2. Your resume sucks

Yea, I know, it sounds harsh, but unfortunately it is usually true. If your resume is too short, does not highlight your skills or accomplishments, does not include related keywords or contains typos or other errors then you will not hear from the hiring manger. Why should they contact you? They have hundreds of people to choose from! Which resume is going to get their attention? The one that highlights great career accomplishments in a detailed and professional writing style and includes an extensive list of home office tools and equipment – or the very short and boring resume that provides a basic list of duties from a previous job? I typed up reports. Answered phones. Helped customers…

I am guilty too!

Before you get upset, realize that I am speaking from experience because I made all of these mistakes myself before I actually landed my first home based job. I had a terrible resume, I only applied to $15 per hour data entry jobs and all I had access to in my home office was my cordless house phone and my five year old family desktop PC with one of those pitiful thermal fax machines. And, of course, I never heard from not one employer. I complained that I never got a response for anyone. Gee, I wonder why? I was so annoying.

Luckily, I wised up. I started to pay attention to other job seekers that DID get hired and found that they all shared a common characteristic – they took their job search very seriously, they were considerate of just about any opportunity to work from home, and they came across as a true professional with a polished resume, an online portfolio, good credit, solid background and education, excellent references, and an impressive home office.

It was then that I decided to take responsibility for my own career. Free sites like are a great resource with legit job leads and tons of great information, but they cannot get you hired. Only you can do that by actually applying the advice they are giving you here and changing your attitude and approach. That\’s what I did – and that\’s when I got hired!

My first job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Telephone Call Center Home Based Agent starting at $8.50 per hour. The hours were sporadic and the pay was nothing to get excited about, but it was a real job with real income. With this experience and a few more improvements to my resume and home office. I was on my way!

My second job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Home Based Customer Service Agent making $10.75 per hour. Now, this was more like it! I loved the work and enjoyed full time hours plus benefits. That was more than a year ago. When I felt it was time to move on, I came back to with even more experience, an even better resume and a great attitude. By now I also had a great list of references too. As a result, I landed another, better job.

My third job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Home Based Tech Support Agent with Network Solutions (a job that I found here in the listings). Now I am making $15.25 per hour plus benefits and I absolutely love my job. I rock!!!

Oh, by the way, Envelope Stuffing is a scam

Yeap, that\’s right. I learned the hard way. Before I joined HomeworkersNet I was scammed by a couple of these envelope stuffing offers. Not only did I lose money but I never once got a job or earned a dime after applying with an envelope stuffing program.

Don\’t believe me? Ask HomeworkersNet, they will tell you the same thing.

Envelope stuffing jobs do not exist so if you are holding out for something like this you are going to be disappointed. My advice to you is to stop waiting for these too good to be true opportunities where you get to sit around and put paper in envelopes and earn $15 per hour. No employer out there is looking for anybody to do this – no matter what the scammers tell you.

So, you see – it is time for YOU to take responsibility for your own career too. This is what you need to do: 

– Improve your home office: make sure you have a newer computer and all the necessary bells and whistles that allows you to perform work from your home. This means you should have a landline, mobile and VOIP phone access and digital voicemail

– Internet Fax

– File sharing and Online Backup

– Reliable email (not free gmail or hotmail accounts!)

– Home office accounting software such as Quickbooks Online

– Write an ACCOMPLISHMENT based resume: This means you need to think about HOW you did your work and what the outcome was. Employers do not care that you “answered phones and typed documents” !! I mean, everybody can do that. Employers are more interested in HOW you did you work. With what program? How many ? Were you successful? If so, why? Did you “answer approximately 100 phone calls per hour providing exception service to each caller despite the high volume. Was named Employee Of The Month three months in a row based on customer feedback of my dedicated attention to their needs.” ?? (That\’s a line from my actual resume, by the way.)

Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes

– Post A Professional Resume Online: If you are not represented on the biggest and best job boards then forget about getting hired. Think of it this way… who is an employer more likely to hire? The person who gives them one, old fashioned resume attachment via email – or the person who gives them an ACCOMPLISHMENT based resume attachment via email AND links to all of their online portfolios?

Trust me when I tell you – your competition is already doing this, so you\’d better get to work getting yourself online! I would suggest that create a resume or profile on all of the following services (all are free so you have nothing to lose):
Create Career Profile on Snagajob
Post your resume with Beyond
Post Your FREE Resume on Monster 
Create a profile on VOT
Register with Elance
Post resume with TheLadders
Post your resume on your own Domain and Web page (only the best of the best do this but it works like a charm!)
If you know of other free resume or profile posting services, post your resume there too! Yea – this will take some time and effort on your part but trust me – it is a MUST if you want to compete with all the other homeworkers out there. And it really does help you land a great job.

– Apply to more than one job: I always see job seekers complaining about not being hired or never getting a reply. I always ask them what jobs they have applied to so far and they usually say “one or two typing jobs” or “a couple of virtual assistant projects”. Seriously people! You are not going to land one of these coveted jobs with a boring resume and no experience! I promise that if you actually expand the possibilities and start applying to telephone, sales, customer service, recruiting and other jobs – you will have better luck. If a clerical job is really all you want then you\’ll need to put in the legwork and get some experience under your belt to prove to these employers that they can count on you. Chances are, you will find that you love telephone and support work more and will decide to stick with it.
Search jobs here, free

-Actually USE How often do you really login? On average, most job seekers only login to online job services twice in the first month and then only every couple of months after that. This is certainly not enough to land a job. At the minimum you should be actively looking at new job postings at least twice per WEEK. Your goal should be to apply to three to five new jobs weekly until you are hired. Remember, if you apply to ten jobs without a reply or request for an interview from an employer then you probably need to re-do your resume.

These are the suggestions that worked for me and helped me actually land a great job after years of complaining. If i can do it then I know you can too!

Good luck

To begin your free work at home job search Register Now With

Would you like to contribute your success story? We would love to hear from you. Join us on Facebook and share a brief post about yourself. If your story is selected we will contact you! We are happy to provide a link to your website, blog or service along with your story.

Create a Free Monster Account and Post Your Resume Now!

BIG List Of Legit and FREE Work At Home Jobs

Posted by | October 19, 2012 | Blog, Jobs

Looking for a legitimate home based job?

Sometimes you just need an easy, no fuss list of REAL work at home opportunities without all the details and hype. So, our staff set out to research, verify and compile a master list for you – all for free! Below you will find our favorite homebased, telecommute, and work from home jobs. No scams and no fees. Most links will take you directly to the career page for the company. To locate current openings you might try searching for any of these keywords: “home” “telecommute” “Telework” “work at home” “telecommuting” “freelance” “remote” or “virtual”. Keep in mind that jobs come and go so these companies may or may not have current openings. However, they do hire on a regular basis so be sure to check back.

Remember to bookmark and share with your friends!

Blue Zebra
Call Desk
Capital Typing

GlobalTestMarket pays you cash to complete online surveys

Appointment Setting
Blue Zebra
Expert Business Development

Call Centers
Accolade Support
ACD Direct
Alpine Access
Direct Interactions
VForce / AAA
West At Home

Alderson Reporting
Caption Colorado
Vitac - Free Tools for Job Seekers

Customer Service
Call Center International
Cox Communications
GE (General Electric)
Home Shopping Network
NEW Corp
Niteo Services
Working Solutions

Data Entry/Word Processing
Axion Data
Dion Data Solutions
Net Transcripts

Get Jobs Now: With your FREE Account, you can: Set up job search agents and have your dream job emailed to you! 

On Point Advocacy

Tell Me More


General Transcription
Accutran Global
Mulberry Studio

Call Center International

American Airlines
Best Western Hotels
Hilton Hotels
Reserve America

Log on, find a job and get to work.  SnagAJob


Technical Support
Working Solutions

Call Center International
Next Level Solutions

Telephone Work
Customer Service Review (CSR)
On Point Advocacy
Skyes (Alpine Access)

Apply for Entry-Level Jobs on Snagajob


YouDictate VirtualBee

Find Thousands of Relevant Jobs

Virtual Assistants
Call Desk
VOT Virtual Office Temps

Top Employers Who Hire Home based workers
1800 Contacts: Home Based Customer Service Agents
1800 Flowers: Remote Customer Service Representatives
Amazon: Work From Home Customer Service Associates
Apple: Tech Support and At Home Customer Support
GE (General Electric): Work At Home Customer Support
Hilton Hotels: Reservations and Customer Service
Home Shopping Network – Home Based Customer Service
JetBlue: Reservations
Marriott: At Home Customer Service
UHaul: Customer Service
Xerox: Virtual Customer Service

Post Your Resume Online To Get Hired!
Complete free resume profile online: Create a Free Monster Account and Post Your Resume Now!


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      AMAZON PRIME: Amazon Prime Members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming on thousands of popular movies and TV shows.


      EMAIL: Stay in touch using our built-in email app that gets your webmail (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL etc.) into a single inbox. Import your messages and contact lists from other email accounts. Additional email apps are available in our Amazon Appstore for Android.


      DOCUMENTS: Kindle makes it easy to take your documents with you. You can e-mail documents – including Word, PDF and more – directly to your Kindle so you can read them anytime, anywhere.
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Work At Home Job opportunities available today: GlobalTestMarket pays you cash to completeonline surveys

Online Blogging and Writing

Posted by | March 15, 2011 | Blog, Jobs

Online Blogging and Writing

If you’ve been searching for a work at home career that allows you to work when you want and earn great money you should think about becoming a Content Writer, Subject Blogger or Web Article Producer.

These are excellent opportunities because you will not need to have experience to get hired and you can write about any subject that interests you.

Covering thousands of subjects across hundreds of cities and towns, freelance bloggers, writers and data providers/researchers come from all walks of life and contribute unique and original content to entertain, inform, and inspire their readers.

Online bloggers are credible, passionate and knowledgeable local influencers.They have access to tools that help them grow their audience and brand as well as forums where they can connect with other home based workersand experts.

Most new hires choose to start simple by writing about news or events in their hometowns but many others choose to be become an ‘expert’ in a particular field such as fashion, childcare, pets or travel. The possibilities are endless!

If you apply today you should be able to start working and earning money within three days! APPLY NOW!There are no fees to apply or be hired but opportunities will not last so please apply now while jobs are still available.

Earn money from home. No experience is required. Start working now! Easy application process: CLICK HERE


I am a hiring manager with two home based administrative positions available. I have interviewed many applicants but sometimes it seems difficult to find someone who is really prepared to work from home. My company simply refuses to hire someone that does not have childcare for their young children, or who do not have a up-to-date computer and software or do not have an acceptable credit score. We do not cover the fees associated with setting up a candidates home office. In fact, we expect the employee to do this since the payoff is the opportunity to work from home!

Could you please let your job seekers know that if they want to work from home they need to walk the walk and talk the talk!!


Oh boy… we get this question often from hiring employers who have become frustrated with candidates who, at least in the eyes of the employer, do not appear to be prepared to work from home.

Many employers have also complained about a perceived attitude amongst many work-at-homers that they “deserve” to be hired based on need and not on skills and experience. As we’ve said many times, a work at home job is just like landing a traditional brick and mortar job, except more difficult, more time consuming and more competitive!

First, on the issue of childcare – this is simply a no brainer. You cannot accomplish the tasks of most work at home jobs while also taking care of young children (especially if the work involves phone and customer service work). As a result, childcare is a big concern of many hiring managers. So many times employers hire a home-worker only to discover that there is a three year old in the picture who needs constant care and attention, or who
interrupts phone calls and online meetings. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have childcare available to your children when working from home. And, whatever you do – do NOT tell an employer that you want to work from home so that you can
“spend more time with your children”. Potential employers will reject your resume thinking that you will not be able to focus 100% on your job.

Unfortunately, those of us that are employed full time from home can attest, working from home does not always mean that you’ll be spending more time with the kids.

Your Home Office Setup
A need for skilled and prepared home workers is one of the most frequent email subjects that we receive from employers. “Why can’t you send me someone with Act! (or Excel, or a virtual Fax, or Skype, etc)?”, or “Can’t you find me an applicant who knows SQL and HTML?” Other frequent requests: two phone lines, virtual meeting software, voicemail, a telephone headset, a non-AOL Internet access and email account, a college degree and previous home office experience. Basically, employers expect you to be WELL EQUIPPED at your own expense. If you are not in a position to fully equip your home office, rest assured that your competition can. There are no shortage of qualified work-at-home job seekers so if you expect to land a job, you will need to make sure that you can offer the employer everything they need to perform the job successfully. We suggest that your home office contains:

  • Processor Speed: 2 GHz or higher.



  • 1 GB RAM or higher



  • IE 6 with service pack 1




  • High Speed Internet Access: DSL or Cable Modem



  • Monitor-800 x 600 resolution




  • Email Account with at least 250 MB storage (no Hotmail, MSN, AOL or Yahoo). Free Gmail is ok




  • Home phone line




  • Comfortable and private home office with desk, chair, and file cabinet or storage.


If your resume is missing many items from the list above, we would suggest that you get yourself up to speed on the basic necessities of a successful home-worker before you apply for your next job. The competition alone will eat you alive.

Advice from a user
A recent successful HomeworkersNet member offers this advice:

“I have landed three really great work at home administrative jobs using the website. The trick is,” said Lindsey Owen, “is to think about all the other people applying for the job and then figure out a way to make myself stand out
in the crowd. When you listed a job that required experience with CRM tools. I realized that I didn’t have a good selection of CRM programs on any of my home computers so I downloaded what I could and purchased a few others. I received almost immediately that I was being offered the job.”

The most important thing that you can do if you are serious about working from home is get rid of AOL, Netscape, Bellsouth or any other “personal” type dial up service and instead get yourself professional quality high-speed Net access and a reliable email address. Some employers refuse to hire AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo users because of the problems with email not being delivered.

How is your credit?
Finally, more and more employers are requiring acceptable credit scores to qualify for work at home jobs. (This includes VIPdesk and many others.) Too often employers have put their trust and time into a home based employee only to find that the worker “disappears” because they forgot or couldn’t pay their Internet service fees, phone bill or rent / mortgage payment. To protect themselves from this loss, employers now require an acceptable credit score to qualify. This is generally 400 or 500 and above.

As Seen In… Nowhere!

Work at home scammers love to use well known company names and logos to trick you out of your hard earned money. Recently, hundreds of work at home scams and unscrupulous web site operators have begun to use “AS SEEN ON [Name of TV Show]…” or “AS SEEN IN [Newspaper Name]…” with the hopes of making you believe that their offer is legitimate.

The truth is – it is very easy to steal a company logo from a website. Many scammers will simply do a Google image search for “ABC News logo” or “Readers Digest image” and then copy and save the file for their own use.

Scammers generally prefer to use only the most well known media outlets. Besides ABC and CNN you’ll probably also see Oprah, The View (tv show), Wired Magazine, the New York Times, and even Elle and Marie Claire fashion magazines. Depending on the particular scam they are touting you might also see references to “Woman’s Day” or “Parents Magazine.” Occasionally you might even see the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Member or Accredited Business logo.

If the scammer has already been caught stealing logos and misleading job seekers then you might notice phony logos that sound close enough to the real thing to trick you such as “New Yorker News Daily” or the “Seattle Daily Press” or “Better Business Board.” The logos look very close to the real thing but never provide a link to an actual website or new article. Another trick is to simply create an official sounding organization and then claim membership or verified status (such as “Verified Scam Free Business” or “Certified by the Anti Scam Association.”)

Avoid Offers That Claim “As Seen In” Media Coverage But Do Not Provide A Link

Anytime you see a website, job posting or advertisement with an impressive list of “As Seen In…” logos and company names you should immediately question the legitimacy of the offer. Why is it necessary for them to name drop all the press coverage but not provide you with links to those articles? If they are so proud of all the glowing praises that they’ve received it seems they would also want to provide you with a copy or link of the article so you could read it for yourself.

Websites or opportunities that receive legitimate, national press recognition are of course going to repost the article and provide you with a link where you can read this great news for yourself. Why wouldn’t they? Surely its going to make you believe whatever it is they are telling you if ABC News and CNN stand behind it! Unfortunately, there is no real article because ABC News and CNN would never promote or support a work at home scam, so the scammer is hoping that just posting those fancy logos will be enough to make their scam look legit.

Be careful of fake news sites too. Many scammers have figured out that they can make their opportunity look much more legit by providing a link to what looks like a real news article. Often they design the phony page to look just like the real thing. The really sneaky ones will use a pop up that says “you are now being directed to ABC News.” For this reason, you should always look at the address bar on your web browser to make sure the the URL is the correct (for instance If the website address does not say then the page is a fake.

Don’t Be Impressed by “As Seen In” Claims

If the logo or claim does not link to a real article on a real news or media website then it is probably a scam.

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