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Home Based Technical Writing Business

Technical writing would make an excellent home-based business and I’m speaking from experience! Many HomeworkersNet.com members are enjoying success from home performing technical writing. Their tasks usually include transforming retail product directions and instructions into user friendly help files, manuals and pamphlets. The pay is great and the work is endless. (According to the Society for Technical Communication, technical writers and editors earn an average of $55,850 to $74,610 per year or more.)

Now, I know what many of you are probably thinking… you see the word “technical” and your palms get sweaty. Worse – the word “writing” gives you flashbacks of high school English. But don’t fret. There are a variety of technical writing opportunities – some that involve advanced skills and others that do not.

Put simply, technical writing is the presentation of information on any scientific, engineering, academic, business or technological topic in the form most suited to its user. A technical writer can be someone who prepares resumes, writes grants, creates contracts, edits books or articles, writes web content, prepares term papers, bibliographies and reference lists, writes instructions, edits manuals and guidebooks, prepares legal documents, copyedits, drafts letters, prepares software or hardware installation procedures, writes and edits textbooks, prepares training courses, compiles service guides, maintains help files, writes newsletters, prepares business proposals and so much more.

Technical writers are in big demand and many companies are willing to pay top dollar for someone with technical writing skills. Better yet, a vast majority of technical writing jobs are freelance, off-site, home based or “virtual”. If you are looking to work from your home, technical writing might just be the ticket to get your there.

We suggest the following resources to get you started: Handbook of Technical Writing

Technical Communication

Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer

Available Jobs
Career Guide Writers needed. Apply Here
Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys.

Home Based Travel Agency

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Mystery shopping is a service used by most businesses in the retail, hotel, and restaurant industries to keep their employee performance and integrity at a maximum level in an effort to keep customers coming back again and again. Mystery shopping also measures
the quality of products and services for companies so that the company is able to uncover needed changes and stay competitive.

As a mystery shopping professional, you will provide your valuable services to businesses as you pose as a normal customer in their locations or their competitors’ locations in order to provide the business with detailed surveys and reports on your experiences. For your services, businesses pay a fee plus there are often free products, free, free dinners, and free hotel stays included in order for the mystery shopping assignments to be completed for each business.

You can run your own mystery shopping business or work for organizations as an independent shopper. When shopping for other companies, you are usually paid a reimbursement for a meal or merchandise along with a little extra to cover your expenses. When hotel shopping, you are usually reimbursed for the hotel stay. When retail shopping, you are usually paid a fee (the average is around $50.00) for the assignment.

Use caution! The Internet is teeming with mystery shopping scams and schemes. Many of these scams will charge you a fee for a list of mystery shopping “jobs” that do not pay real money or offer legitimate opportunities.

If you are serious about becoming a mystery shopper and want to earn a substantial income, we would recommend that you start your own shopping business from your home. There are plenty of tools to help you get started since you probably already have the skills and equipment you need!

Mystery Shopper’s Manual

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

Shoppers Needed CLICK HERE to apply

Hiring Mystery Shoppers Click Here

There are millions of talented crafters, painters, photographers, jewelry makers, hobbyists, sewers, quilters, musicians, writers, and other creative specialists out there. You will often find these starving artists selling their creations at local craft shows or antique malls, or maybe from flyers hung at the library or grocery store. While the efforts earn them some extra money, few enjoy widespread success that allows them to enjoy a full time income from home.

That has changed with the online service called Etsy. This crafters showcase offers a platform for artists to sell their items to millions of people on the Web. Etsy allows shoppers, crafters and suppliers to connect, network, buy and sell locally or globally. Its overriding mission is to “enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers and buyers”.

Etsy requires only a .20 cent fee to list your item for four months. Then you will pay only a small commission when your item sells. You set the price and payment terms. The system works and Etsy is growing substantially taking business away from Ebay and other auction sites that have become watered down with cheap merchandise and overpriced sellers. As a result, Etsy announced recently that it has raised $20 million in venture capital financing and has now tripled its valuation at $300 million (not including the funding). With sales up a whopping 72% from last year, business is booming — not to mention ex-Google exec Adam Freed being roped in as Etsy’s new chief operating officer.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the arts and crafts site now boasts over than 5.2 million members, 400,000 sellers, six million listed items and about 700 million monthly page views. This year marks Etsy’s first profitable year, but by the end of 2011, it anticipates $1 billion in gross sales. Etsy has 125 employees now and is hiring more – a big jump from the just four employees who worked out of an apartment in Brooklyn NY when the company started.

Etsy’s phenomenal success highlights a growing trend toward alternatives to mass produced “Walmart” goods. This new mindset, called “craftivism” by many, is changing the way people shop because it allows the small time operator to have a big time presence and compete with larger manufacturers. Consumers are not only willing, but often times seem to prefer a handmade, unique item designed and crafted by a talented individual. “These items are usually better made with TLC by someone who truly loves what they do. For this reason, you will get a unique product that will last instead of a cheaply produced Walmart item that will break” says Kathy Travers, an Etsy seller and buyer. Travers makes handmade and personalized pet beds, dog bowls and other pet items. She once sold her crafts at the local flea market but now sells almost exclusevly on Etsy. “I made $200 per month last year selling at flea markets. Last month I made almost $2,000 selling on Etsy, so its a no brainer,” says Kathy.

Selling on Etsy – A Beginners Guide

If you haven’t yet, you will need to Register for an Etsy account. Choose your username carefully, as this will become your shop name and part of your unique web address (URL) for your Etsy shop.

Once you’ve registered for an account, you’ll need to upgrade your account to seller status. You will need to enter personal information and billing information. Billing requires that you keep a valid credit card on file.

Now all you need to do is list your items. This will require some basic information such as a title, description and information about the materials used to create the item. You will enter your price and upload a picture. Full tutorials are available to get you started.

Once your Etsy storefront is set up you should begin promoting it online. You can get Free Promotion for your Business on Yelp and signing up for an account is easy.

Etsy Ideas – What to sell on Etsy

Coffee cups
Drink coozies and wrappers
Handmade greeting cards
Homemade candles
Jewelry and watches
Hair ribbons and accessories
Aprons, pot holders and other kitchen accessories
Belts, gloves and hats
Cuff Links or Bracelet charms
Keychains or Lanyards
Leg Warmers
Home Decor items such as Mirrors, vases, planters, shelves, painted lamps, etc
Children’s accessories such as lunch boxes, backpacks, blankets, etc
Scarf, Shawl, pins, money clips, wallets
Art: paintings, photos, collages, sculptures, drawings, etc
Bags and purses
Bath and beauty items: soaps, perfumes, skin care, shampoo
Ceramics and pottery
Scrapbooking accessories
Baby items: nursery decor, baby bags, cloth diapers, toys, blankets, etc
Seasonal items: Halloween decor, Christmas wreaths, Easter baskets, etc
Outdoor accessories
Personalized items: tshirts, bags, signs, wall letters, car emblems, etc
Knitting, needlecraft, quilts, hand sewn curtains items
Music, stories/writing
Pet accessories such as dog beds and bowls
Edibles: candy, baked goods, spices, vegan items
Occasions: items for birthdays, weddings, new baby, graduation
Go Green! (products from recycled materials)

For more ideas see:
Big Book of Crafts

1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew (1000 Series)

Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures

For Additional Information

Craft, Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business

The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line

My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire

Free Ways to Market, Promote, Advertise, and Increase Traffic to Your Online or Etsy Jewelry Shop and Sell Your Jewelry Now

The Savvy Crafters Guide To Success: Turn Your Crafts Into A Career

Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business

“There’s no place like home” 

-at least that is the mantra that many Homeworkers are adopting while attempting to navigate a volatile economy. Many have been laid off from their traditional jobs and have not been able to land a replacement position in the community. With the outlook grim, these smart and innovative workers are taking matters in their own hands by opening home based businesses to get them over the hump.

Besides the need to bridge the gap in their employment, many workers are also finding that working from home allows for greater flexibility, less commuting time and substantial rent savings off of traditional brick and mortar store space expenses.

Nationally, the numbers of home businesses continues to grow – especially over the last few years when Fortune 500 and top industries have cut back their workforce. Basically, people are starting businesses when they are not having any luck find a job in their community.

“These businesses are started in homes because it’s cheaper,” said Steve King. He’s co-owner of California-based Emergent Research, a research and consulting firm focusing on small business. He estimates at least 60 percent of his clients who start businesses do so from home.

Many HomeworkersNet members have recently decided to start their own businesses too. For instance, Leslie Murphy started Murphy & Associates Accounting Services and she says business has been good. “It seems like a lot of work, but I wouldn’t say that its any more work than attempting to get hired with an employer. Instead of focusing on my resume and job applications I instead put my efforts in my business marketing materials and my local licenses. It took about two weeks to land my first client and I’ve been working steadily ever since.”

Murphy, who is expecting her second child said she was laid off from her job with a local CPA firm after they downsized due to the economy. She loves the flexibility of working from home because she can be there for her 3 year old son who does not attend daycare or preschool.

Successful QuickBooks Consulting: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting Business —Ideal for Bookkeeping or Bookkeepers, Accounting or Accountants, or Consultants

Other HomeworkersNet members have also started home businesses out of necessity when they lost their traditional jobs due to lay offs. Erica Spencer opened her home based tutoring business called Study Buddy after she was laid off from the school district where she worked as a teacher. “Believe it or not, I am actually making more money now! My schedule is very tight and I am completely booked for the summer. I miss my friends at the school but I must admit – I am enjoying my newfound freedom.”

How to Start a Home-Based Tutoring Business 

Debra Green was a real estate agent who gave up on her career after the high number of foreclosures in her area brought her income to a standstill. She decided to open a home staging business called Green ReDesign and Staging. She incorporates environmental friendly and “Green” home design features in her plans to help sellers get their homes sold. It has been a big hit! The big plus of working from home: “I can give more personal service when I don’t have to sit in a storefront from 10 to 5,” she said.

Home Staging for Profit: How to Start and Grow a Six Figure Home Staging Business in 7 Days or Less OR Secrets of Home Stagers Revealed So Anyone Can Start a Home Based Business and Succeed

Other Homeworrkersnet.com members have started successful home based businesses doing medical billing, clerical services, transcription, MLM sales, landscaping and lawn services, childcare, and many others.

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