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I am a hiring manager with two home based administrative positions available. I have interviewed many applicants but sometimes it seems difficult to find someone who is really prepared to work from home. My company simply refuses to hire someone that does not have childcare for their young children, or who do not have a up-to-date computer and software or do not have an acceptable credit score. We do not cover the fees associated with setting up a candidates home office. In fact, we expect the employee to do this since the payoff is the opportunity to work from home!

Could you please let your job seekers know that if they want to work from home they need to walk the walk and talk the talk!!


Oh boy… we get this question often from hiring employers who have become frustrated with candidates who, at least in the eyes of the employer, do not appear to be prepared to work from home.

Many employers have also complained about a perceived attitude amongst many work-at-homers that they “deserve” to be hired based on need and not on skills and experience. As we’ve said many times, a work at home job is just like landing a traditional brick and mortar job, except more difficult, more time consuming and more competitive!

First, on the issue of childcare – this is simply a no brainer. You cannot accomplish the tasks of most work at home jobs while also taking care of young children (especially if the work involves phone and customer service work). As a result, childcare is a big concern of many hiring managers. So many times employers hire a home-worker only to discover that there is a three year old in the picture who needs constant care and attention, or who
interrupts phone calls and online meetings. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you have childcare available to your children when working from home. And, whatever you do – do NOT tell an employer that you want to work from home so that you can
“spend more time with your children”. Potential employers will reject your resume thinking that you will not be able to focus 100% on your job.

Unfortunately, those of us that are employed full time from home can attest, working from home does not always mean that you’ll be spending more time with the kids.

Your Home Office Setup
A need for skilled and prepared home workers is one of the most frequent email subjects that we receive from employers. “Why can’t you send me someone with Act! (or Excel, or a virtual Fax, or Skype, etc)?”, or “Can’t you find me an applicant who knows SQL and HTML?” Other frequent requests: two phone lines, virtual meeting software, voicemail, a telephone headset, a non-AOL Internet access and email account, a college degree and previous home office experience. Basically, employers expect you to be WELL EQUIPPED at your own expense. If you are not in a position to fully equip your home office, rest assured that your competition can. There are no shortage of qualified work-at-home job seekers so if you expect to land a job, you will need to make sure that you can offer the employer everything they need to perform the job successfully. We suggest that your home office contains:

  • Processor Speed: 2 GHz or higher.



  • 1 GB RAM or higher



  • IE 6 with service pack 1




  • High Speed Internet Access: DSL or Cable Modem



  • Monitor-800 x 600 resolution




  • Email Account with at least 250 MB storage (no Hotmail, MSN, AOL or Yahoo). Free Gmail is ok




  • Home phone line




  • Comfortable and private home office with desk, chair, and file cabinet or storage.


If your resume is missing many items from the list above, we would suggest that you get yourself up to speed on the basic necessities of a successful home-worker before you apply for your next job. The competition alone will eat you alive.

Advice from a HomeworkersNet.com user
A recent successful HomeworkersNet member offers this advice:

“I have landed three really great work at home administrative jobs using the Homeworkersnet.com website. The trick is,” said Lindsey Owen, “is to think about all the other people applying for the job and then figure out a way to make myself stand out
in the crowd. When you listed a job that required experience with CRM tools. I realized that I didn’t have a good selection of CRM programs on any of my home computers so I downloaded what I could and purchased a few others. I received almost immediately that I was being offered the job.”

The most important thing that you can do if you are serious about working from home is get rid of AOL, Netscape, Bellsouth or any other “personal” type dial up service and instead get yourself professional quality high-speed Net access and a reliable email address. Some employers refuse to hire AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo users because of the problems with email not being delivered.

How is your credit?
Finally, more and more employers are requiring acceptable credit scores to qualify for work at home jobs. (This includes VIPdesk and many others.) Too often employers have put their trust and time into a home based employee only to find that the worker “disappears” because they forgot or couldn’t pay their Internet service fees, phone bill or rent / mortgage payment. To protect themselves from this loss, employers now require an acceptable credit score to qualify. This is generally 400 or 500 and above.

The staff at HomeworkersNet regularly reviews books, journals and other publications that might help home based job seekers and work at home candidates. The following is a concise list of the best of literature and resources that will help you get hired, prepare a job winning resume or start a new home business venture.

Guide To Making Money Online From Home

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and meeting 19 people at one large table, each of whom works from home for a living and each of whom does something different. Some sell mortgages, others write resumes, and some sell crafts, all from the comfort of their home. Now think for a minute if you could get each person, all 19 of them, to write a plan for building the online business that they perform from home complete with the rates they charge, the places they advertise, and the information they use to run their business.

Enter Guide To Making Money Online From Home, an absolute must have for those serious about starting a home-based business online or working from home. In the recession our country faces today, this book helps lift people up with inspirational stories of people making money from home in the most peculiar of ways, all true, all written by the people who actually make the money each day from home not journalists or spectators, but the players themselves.
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8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Get Work
Virtually Successful provides Virtual Assistants with specific and proven strategies to create a successful and satisfying business. Each year thousands of administrative professionals leave their employment in search of a better and more flexible life as a Virtual Assistant. Once the office is set up, the website is created and the business cards are ready to be handed out, the realization and struggle of finding ‘good’ clients and earning a decent living is experienced by (too) many.

This book is essential for the Virtual Assistant who is serious about building a successful and rewarding business with great clients. It is full of specific, proven, and easy-to-implement strategies to help you provide business owners what they look for and need from a Virtual Assistant.
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Fearless Resumes for Getting a Great Job Fast
Bestselling author and renowned career coach Marky Stein provides the edge you need in today’s ultracompetitive job market. With Fearless Résumés you will transform your résumé from words on paper into a vibrant self-presentation that tells prospective employers what they want to hear. In no time, you’ll be crafting a résumé that hooks prospective employers’ attention, turns boring past duties into dynamic personal statements, transforms weaknesses into strengths—and gets your name on top of the résumé heap in any HR office.

Unlike dry, run-of-the-mill guides consisting of little more than a sample résumé, Fearless Résumés is a quick and fun book that provides a proven résumé-crafting strategy from a top expert in her field.
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Customer Services and Call Center Job Interviews Including Answers to Interview Questions
Flexible working, attractive remuneration packages, a wide variety of opportunities working within a vast range of industries all go towards making Customer Services one of the most popular choices for many people looking for a long term career. Open any newspaper or search on the internet and you will come across thousands of jobs ranging from Call Centre Agents, Advisors, Supervisors, right up to Call Centre Managers and work at home customer service representatives. It is an attractive career option and it is a competitive one and this guide is designed to greatly improve your chances of success whether you are looking for your first job, moving up the career ladder or changing jobs into the Customer Services sector.

This guide has been written by senior managers, all of whom have extensive experience of the Customer Services and Call Center industries and is guaranteed to help you land a home based customer service or virtual call center job!
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Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
A complete how-to from two of the world’s top bloggers

Thousands of aspiring bloggers launch new blogs every day, hoping to boost their income. Without solid advice from experts, most will fail. This bestselling guide, now fully revised with new and updated tips and tricks from two of the world’s most successful bloggers, provides the step-by-step information bloggers need to turn their hobby into an income source or a fulltime career.

Earning a solid income from blogging is possible, but tricky; this book details proven techniques and gives aspiring bloggers the tools to succeed. Even novices will learn to choose a blog topic, analyze the market, set up a blog, promote it, and earn revenue
Offers solid, step-by-step instruction on how bloggers make money, why niches matter, how to use essential blogging tools and take advantage of social media and content aggregators, what a successful blog post should include, how to optimize advertising, and much more. Written by two fulltime professional bloggers, the updated edition of ProBlogger tells you exactly how to launch and maintain a blog that makes money.
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