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Computers are everywhere: businesses, homes, schools, etc. The computer revolution has grown so fast that many people are not up to speed on the technology and are afraid of computers because they do not understand them. Computer instructors teach users how to get the most from their computers. You do not have to be an expert programmer. You just need a basic understanding of the basics along with the Windows operating system. Tutoring can be done at a variety of locations including your home.


You must understand how computers operate, including hardware and software. It is best to be familiar with the internet, mail readers, Windows (including Windows 98!), and at least one popular software program such as Microsoft Word, Access or Excel, or WordPerfect. It also helps to be familiar with systems configurations and installation.


Computer Instructors typically design classes or training sessions around popular programs or applications, then produce fliers or place small ads to promote the classes. You might also try focusing your business towards a specific group. For instance, many computer instructors are enjoying great success teaching senior citizens. (Most seniors are really just interested in the basics of computing, email and the Internet.) It is also a good idea to have a brochure, business letter and other professional documents prepared.


You will need a personal computer, printer and software along with other general office equipment including a telephone, desk, chair, etc. You will also need business cards, a brochure and letterhead.


You will earn more by instructing large groups, because even though the per student fee is smaller, the total income per hour is greater with groups. Hourly tutoring fees range from $85 to $125. You should earn around $50,000 to $125,000 per year based on training 3 days per week, 42 weeks per year at $50 to $125 per hour.


Check with your local library and find out if they will allow you to offer a computer class on their premises and charge around $25 dollars per student. Distribute your brochures and business cards to senior centers and community centers. Look into the adult education program in your area to find out about teaching a class. If you would rather focus on individual instruction, pass out fliers and promotional mailings in your neighborhood. Word of mouth referrals will be one of your best sources for new customers.

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