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I have been a member of other free work at home job services before but never seem to get a job or even good job leads. and just seem to give a bunch of links that never really go anywhere. The information is either old or a link to some MLM program. Plus the people who run those websites never seem to have anything good to say about other free work at home websites. I don’t get it. Can you explain this to me?
~Julie Hersey, Elyria Ohio


Hi Julie and thanks for your question.

We hear it all the time so you are not alone. A good 75% of Internet job seekers have told us that they have never received a job offer as the result of sites like WhyDoWork because the information posted there is out of date, misleading or incorrect. Many times, these types of free Internet forums are nothing more than an opportunity for the forum owner to promote their own products, MLMs or associations while putting down all others that they consider competition. This is why you’ll often see links to jobs that are really advertisements for work at home business opportunities or fee based offers. was created in 1996 so we have years of experience in the field. In all of our work during this time, we have encountered very few job seekers who actually found a job as a result of free work at home job forums such as the ones you mentioned. This is why we set out to make a different service. Our idea was to provide you with all the tools and resources that would normally require a service HAND SELECTS jobs for our website. This means that real people look at each and every job that is posted here to decide if it will go live to our more than 500,000 users. In fact, we delete approximately 65% of the jobs posted because we do not feel they are worthy of your time or effort. also verifies each listing we choose. This means we call or email the company to talk to them about the work at home jobs they are attempting to fill. Once we decide to list a job, it is reviewed weekly by one of our Researchers to make sure the job is still active, the links are still working and the terms have not changed. Employers appreciate this extra effort too. While many legit employers frown upon their job leads appearing on sites like WhyDoWork, they actually come to us and ask if they can be included. They know that we will take special care in handling their listings honestly. For instance, many unprofessional free work at home job sites attempt to hide the fact that VIPdesk and others require a credit check and minimum credit score to be considered to work from home. Our listings will give you full details so you will know exactly what to exact.

We also provide a free Employer Directory to our registered users so that you can research each potential employer. Our Employer Directory includes tips for landing a job, company history and information, contact details and much more. Other work at home services would charge a fee for access to this information! provides it to you for free.

Best of all, gives you free access to real jobs. (Not MLMs and scams such as those that you find on unprofessional work at home discussion forums and groups). does not charge you a fee to register, apply or be hired. There is no start up fee or certification fee.

Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, Avoiding Scams, and Making a Great Living

So, while we do not encourage you to stay away from free forums that you find on the Internet -we do suggest that you use caution with the information that you find there. Most forum site owners are simply a home based hobbyist with little knowledge of the industry and probably zero industry contacts. There are a few exceptions. The other site you mentioned, WAHM, is probably one of the better choices as they have been on the Internet for many years and have built a solid reputation of business standards. Perhaps your problem there is with job seeker competition (too many job seekers per job posting).

The simple fact is – if you want to actually land a job – you will probably find a professional service such to be more conducive to your goals and needs.

Have a look at our most recent job postings and see for yourself!

Good luck

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