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Gift basket services are one of the fastest growing home based businesses with more than $1 billion in annual sales. Specialized baskets have become the perfect way to say “thank you” to a client or to remember a loved ones birthday. Every holiday creates the perfect opportunity to give a gift basket, and now, many people are also utilizing baskets for funerals and divorces! Most gift basket services find the greatest success when they cater to a niche. Here is a list of gift basket business ideas that are successfully operated at home by current HomeWorkers Net members:

  • Event Baskets (for baby/bridal showers, weddings)
  • Get Well Baskets (sick friends/hospital patients.)
  • Pet Baskets (gifts for dogs/cats and per lovers.)
  • New Home Baskets (for new home owners)
  • Holiday Baskets (Christmas, Mothers Day, Easter.)
  • Corporate Baskets (work promotions or new hires.)
  • Kid Baskets (graduations or ‘A’ report cards.)


A gift basket business in one of the easiest home based businesses to start. All you need is a little creativity, ingenuity and sense of style. If you plan to sell wine, beer or champagne baskets your state may require that you have a liquor license. Be sure to check with the proper authorities so that you can comply with all pertinent laws and regulations. You must be comfortable with sales work because a good part of your job will be marketing your services to potential customers.


Prepare sample packages and baskets and drop them off with hospital gift shops, office managers and small retail shops. Exhibit your baskets at craft fairs and local charitable events. Many HomeWorkers Net members have also found success with flea markets and community yard sales. Of course, an internet web site can provide you with tons of new business and can be easily designed and produced.


You may want to have an initial inventory on hand (baskets, food and other gift items.) Inexpensive craft tools, such as a hot-glue gun, shrink wrap, ribbons, scissors and other materials. You will need to prepare a professional portfolio of your work complete with photographs of baskets that you offer. You will also need a marketing package with business cards, brochures and letterhead.


Most gift basket business owners charge by the basket based on materials and labor. Call other gift basket service operators in your area to find out what they are charging so that you will have a good idea before setting your prices. Most baskets range from $25 to $300 with some clients paying more for special requests. The average basket is usually priced around $50-$65. If you sell just twenty-five baskets per week, fifty weeks per year at an average of $50 per basket, you will produce $62,500 in gross sales. Keep in mind that during holidays, you should have a significant increase in your business. (For instance, around Mothers Day, you should produce 100 baskets per week instead of 25!) The average annual gross income is about $75,000.


It might be a good idea to get a Merchant Account so that you can except credit cards, however you may find it almost impossible for a small, home based business to get a merchant account.

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