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Mystery shopping is a service used by most businesses in the retail, hotel, and restaurant industries to keep their employee performance and integrity at a maximum level in an effort to keep customers coming back again and again. Mystery shopping also measures
the quality of products and services for companies so that the company is able to uncover needed changes and stay competitive.

As a mystery shopping professional, you will provide your valuable services to businesses as you pose as a normal customer in their locations or their competitors’ locations in order to provide the business with detailed surveys and reports on your experiences. For your services, businesses pay a fee plus there are often free products, free, free dinners, and free hotel stays included in order for the mystery shopping assignments to be completed for each business.

You can run your own mystery shopping business or work for organizations as an independent shopper. When shopping for other companies, you are usually paid a reimbursement for a meal or merchandise along with a little extra to cover your expenses. When hotel shopping, you are usually reimbursed for the hotel stay. When retail shopping, you are usually paid a fee (the average is around $50.00) for the assignment.

Use caution! The Internet is teeming with mystery shopping scams and schemes. Many of these scams will charge you a fee for a list of mystery shopping “jobs” that do not pay real money or offer legitimate opportunities.

If you are serious about becoming a mystery shopper and want to earn a substantial income, we would recommend that you start your own shopping business from your home. There are plenty of tools to help you get started since you probably already have the skills and equipment you need!

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