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Everywhere you turn there seems to be bad news these days; The economy, layoffs, foreclosures. But here\’s something that is sure to brighten your day. Home based and virtual home office jobs are expected to actually GROW in 2014. Here\’s what you need to know:

The Work At Home Trend
Actually, the trend towards working at home really started to gain momentum a few years ago. But now that cutbacks with many top employers have begun to threaten productivity, managers are looking for ways to keep their workforce while still staying within budget.

Hiring a virtual (home based) work force makes sense.

Just ask Cassie Jennings, a Homeworkersnet.commember who was hired to work at home for Unum last year. She loves her job, but especially enjoys staying at home with her infant son. \”I was so happy after to land this great job. I basically help customers with their insurance policies. I work on my computer and sometimes via telephone and earn about $13.50 per hour. I love it! And I actually save money by not having to gas up the car, buy work clothes and pay for a babysitter.\”

Unum now has nearly 1,000 employees who work at home across the United States and experts to hire more in 2010. Unum spokesman M.C. Guenther said the insurance company continues to expand its use of WORK AT HOME OPTIONS for the growing number of employees who volunteer for such jobs. (These jobs will be posted on so please login weekly to check for updates. It\’s free!)

Another insurance company – BlueCross also plans to hire more telecommuters. According to manager Jeff Wakefield, BlueCross plans to double its telecommuting staff in the next year. “So far, the program is working very well with all types of jobs in our business,” he said. “We’re able to communicate with and monitor the activities of our at-home workers throughout the day, and many have found such an arrangement to be more productive for them and us.”

You will also see home based customer service opportunities with Aetna, Asurion and many others. Login to see current opportunities.

Looking at 2014 and What YOU Will Need To Get Hired
Experts expect the work-at-home trend to continue in 2014 as a growing share of workers are employed in information-based jobs and increased broadband connections enable more workers to perform their tasks from telephones and computers at home.

High-speed Internet connections, enhanced personal computers and upgraded Web security systems have combined to turn most any home into a virtual office. At the same time, cost-conscious businesses and workers are eager to find ways to cut travel time, office expenses and work distractions.

All employers agree, to get hired – you must have these basic tools:
a newer computer system
high speed Internet access
a reliable email account (yahoo, aol and hotmail are NOT reliable! Don\’t use them!!)
Virtual FAX
Program to send large files securelyClick here

Employers usually provide the computer and phone connection fees (if you are already set up to use them), and BlueCross even gives its at-home workers an ergonomically designed chair and desk.

Nonetheless, Mr. Wakefield estimates employers can save, on average, up to $20,000 per employee a year by at-home work arrangements.

“The trend toward the virtual office and work-at-home arrangements with employees was already beginning before the economy turned down,” said John Sorrrow, Cigna Healthcare’s mid-South division president. “In our business, we’re seeing more people want to work at home, and we’re seeing the advantages of having them do so. It’s a win for employers and employees because it lowers our real estate and office costs and it allows people to work where they choose to work.”

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