How To Find Legit Work At Home Jobs

Posted by | June 25, 2010 | Advice, Blog

QUESTION: Why don’t all employers advertise work at home jobs? Can you offer any advice on how to find legit home based positions?


Two questions for the price of one!

The truth is that you find a work at home job just like you find any other job- with research, persistence and a bit of search savvy.

In this competitive job market you’d think more employers would see the benefits of hiring home based staff. Well, many of them do, they just don’t advertise the positions. The sad fact is that when they do, they are inundated with responses from applicants who aren’t remotely qualified for the position. There seems to be a persistent rumor circulating that the desire to work at home somehow qualifies a person to perform a job. This has really turned employers off to posting home based jobs for the world to see.

With that said, you can see how important it is to be very realistic when applying for a work at home position. Think of your home-based job search as a “traditional” job search. Keep in mind that many companies are telecommute friendly, even if they don’t list that in their job listing or ad. In fact, the company you are currently working for may
be willing to allow partial telecommuting. Many companies are testing the waters by allowing employees to work from home on a part-time basis, so it might be worth a try.

If you don’t think that is an option for you, a free membership with might help. We provide regular and updated legit home based jobs that are available across the country. No MLM’s, no scams and no fee based offers. Just wholesome jobs. If you visit daily (or at least three or four times per week) you will be given access to the most up-to-date jobs and opportunities available. And because we verify each listing, you will never encounter a scam on our website.

Whatever your situation, remember to stay focused on finding a job that matches your skills and experience, present yourself in a professional and freelance manner, and treat your job search as you would if you were seeking a non-telecommute position.


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