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QUESTION: What is the quickest and easiest job to land? I want to work
from home but I do not really have any experience. Is it possible for
someone like me to get a home based job? 


Anyone can land a work at home job. Yes… anyone. But you must be willing to compromise. One thing is for sure, if you do not have years of advanced administrative experience, a top of the line education and current versions of necessary software, you will NOT land a work at home administrative assistant position paying $15.00 per hour. But that doesn’t mean that you must miss the work-from-home boat.

We can’t tell you how many emails we receive from applicants who cry “I just can’t understand why I can’t get hired!” We ask them what they’ve been applying for and they tell us the “professional executive assistant” position or the “virtual administrative manager” position. Next, we will ask about their background and inevitably they’ll tell us
that they have no college degree, no work at home experience, no administrative management experience and no equipment in their home office. They do not have a second phone line and are using a dial up AOL account!

The point is – would you apply for a job as a lawyer if you’ve never been to law school? Would you apply for a job teaching high school math if you’ve only ever taught pre-school music? No, of course not. But for some reason, applicants looking to work from home think that all the rules do not apply. Well, they do – big time!

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. High profile work at home jobs such as Virtual Assistants and Executive Secretaries are some of the most competitive on the block. So, if your skills, equipment or experience are not up to par, you’ll probably be wasting your time. Instead, you might think about getting your virtual feet in the door with a customer service position, a sales position or an entry level trainee position. Which brings us back to your question – which job is the easiest to land?

By far, customer service, telephone work, sales and telemarketing are the easiest jobs to get. And there are tons of them. Recruiting, technical jobs, bloggers, programmers, and account representatives are also high on the list.

Make no bones about it – these are great jobs that offer real opportunities to work from home for excellent pay and benefits.

Here are just a few opportunities listed with

Work At Home Customer Service Rep
Home Based Reps
Call Center Agents
Callers $16/hr

… there are HUNDREDS of others. Please LOGIN and then select the job category that interests you.

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