Myth: All you need to make money from Home is a Computer!

Posted by | January 9, 2014 | Home Workers Help

Whenever you see an ad that says, “$1,000 Weekly Possible for Typing,” ignore it! Most likely, the free information that you will get will be an ad for a worthless directory or company addresses. These scams charge anywhere from $29.95 to $200.00 for this “directory”. Many of the addresses listed will be outdated, and none of the employers will be hiring home based clerical staff. This is information that you can easily get on your own via your telephone book, or a simple online search. Here’s what a HomeWorkers Net member told us:

“I once paid $99.95 to a company that told me they could get me a home based word processing job. They said it was guaranteed or I would get my money back. Well, after I paid the money, all I got was a computer print out of companies in my area, which they called a “Prospective Report”. The print out included about 500 listings of company names, addresses and telephone numbers. When I started to call or contact these organizations, I was informed that they did not hire any home based workers. So, I basically paid $100 bucks for a computerized copy of my telephone book and I never got one dime of my money back!” Kelly McKenzie – Toledo, Ohio

Many people with typing or secretarial skills believe that all they need to start making money at home is have clerical skills and a typewriter or computer, but that is just not the case. HomeWorkers Net does receive job listings from employers that need clerical staff, administrative assistance, legal and medical clerks, and so forth, but they usually require that you have superior skills, your own equipment and plenty of references. And the competition is fierce! You’ve got to be the best in your field to pursue this type of job. It also helps if you have specialized skills. Applicants with multi-language ability, transcription experience, medical terminology, and legal backgrounds are always in demand.

If you are a qualified typist, word processor or secretary your best bet for getting “homework” is to call on businesses in your area to let them know that you are an experienced professional who is interested in working at home. How? Well, it is highly recommended that you have a professional package to present to the potential employer. This package should include a detailed resume, a business letter, a brochure, a business card, a list of references, equipment utilized and services offered along with price/salary information. There are many great software programs on the market that can help you prepare your application package or check out the services at your local office supply store.

HomeWorkers Net offers many great job leads, including openings for clerical, secretarial and administrative staff.

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