Myth: Get Paid Big Dollars For Reading Books!

Posted by | January 9, 2014 | Home Workers Help

Lets get this straight once and for all. You CANNOT make money reading books or manuscripts while working at home. Legitimate book publishers either have their own in-house proofreaders or easy access to professionals in their area. Even if a publisher is hiring proofreaders or book readers, they will almost always be interested in hiring someone with a degree in English or some other related field. They will also want someone with extensive experience in the industry who has a list of professional references and recommendations.

Dont count out real job opportunities! It is unlikely that you will find a job as a book reader, but proofreading jobs are available on a work at home basis from time to time, but not often. Legitimate jobs will require experience as a proofreader and usually a degree. The most commonly available jobs for proofreaders are for applicants with highly specialized skills. For instance, technical writing, engineering or computer programming to name a few. If you have just basic reading/proofing skills, the chances are not good that you will be hired.

Some unethical businesses may offer a list of names and addresses of book publishers in their useless directories, for which you can expect to pay upwards of $150.00. Many of these publishing houses have not given permission to the scammer to even list there information! Of course, when you contact the companies that are listed, they will tell you that they do not hire inexperienced, home based book readers. A HomeWorkers Net member tells us about his experiences:

“I had always been interested in literature and I am a writer myself. I applied to an ad that read “Book Readers Needed Now – Excellent Earning Potential.” I was told that they could get me a job reading books and that it was guaranteed! If I was not hired within a month, they would refund my money. So, I paid the $29.95 for the “directory of employers.” This directory was nothing but a list of nationwide book publishers – many of who had gone out of business. None were hiring book readers. When I tried to get my money back, the company told me that in order to get a refund, I would have to return the directory and supply them with 20 phone numbers and names of people that had interviewed me. Of course, I didnt have any names because I didnt get any interviews.” Jeff Ramsey, Springfield, Missouri

Another variation of this scam is when you are asked to buy a book that gives you all the “inside secrets for only $32.95!” The book that you get will give you a variety of worthless information on the publishing industry along with basic information about how to write a resume “that will get you interviewed with the big book publishers!” Another scam that we uncovered involved a seedy organization that required you to pay a non refundable fee to “be trained as a proofreader.” After paying the fee and receiving your “education” you would be told that you did not pass the aptitude test. Best advice: avoid ads for book readers!

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