Myth: Get Rich Quick With No Skills And No Effort At All!

Posted by | January 9, 2014 | Home Workers Help

We’ve sure that you have seen the full page ads with headlines that proclaim you can get rich quick, or “Secret money making system revealed!” or “Just mail two letters… and make $10,000 per month.” Or, how about “Earn thousands just my placing tiny classified ads!” The convincing copy in such ads often tells the sad tale of a man or woman who, on the verge of bankruptcy, suddenly discovers the secret to wealth, and now, out of the goodness of his or her heart, is going to share it with you. How lucky can you get! To prove just how profitable these ideas are, the ads often include a list of their bank deposits for the past twelve months, along with a statement from their accountant swearing that it’s true.

Thousands of people are sending such advertisers hundreds of dollars for an information package that probably costs less than a dollar to produce. These promoters have discovered the secret to wealth all right – they’ve learned how to pick the pockets of naïve opportunity seekers. If you want advice, NEVER pay or order any products from businesses that place these types of ads. We have yet to see one that actually lives up to what it promises. A HomeWorkers Net member fell for one of these ads a few years ago:

“The ad had a picture of a lovely woman and promised to relinquish secret details about how to earn great money in real estate. I paid $200.00 for the “complete set of ideas and systems” that was really just two skimpy little books about how to buy property at government auctions. Information that I found completely worthless! Of course, the company would not refund my money.” Susan Yager – San Antonio, Texas

Whenever you read an ad that speaks in vague terms about what you are going to get for your money and never quite explains exactly what you’ll have to do to earn the promised income, don’t bite. An order is likely to bring you only a worthless book on mail order, MLM or some other “plan” of little interest to you. Remember, that no one ever shares their “secrets of success” in a full-page ad “out of the goodness of their heart”. They are strictly in it for the money.

HomeWorkers Net does not allow advertising in our Members Only area from companies and organizations that require start up fees, investments or service charges of any kind. All positions are REAL and LEGITIMATE home based job opportunities!

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