Myth: Many Jobs Are Available For Home Based Sewing and Assembly

Posted by | January 9, 2014 | Home Workers Help

Certain manufacturing plants – not many – may have a limited amount of contract work available to individuals who live near enough to pick up and deliver finished materials on a daily basis. Training may be required or offered. If you do not have such a manufacturer in your neighborhood, don’t waste your time or money or a directory that promises to lead you to such companies.

If you see an ad that reads, “Earn big money with home crafts!” ignore it! Most of these organizations are simply out to sell you a start up kit that can range in cost from $25.00 to $500.00! A current HomeWorkers Net member tells her story:

“I answered an ad in my local newspaper that said, “Crafters Needed, $1,000 Weekly.” I applied and was told via the telephone that I would need to pay $65.00 for a start up package that would give me all the details. I was told that I would easily make this money back after the first week. All I got in the mail was a manual that explained what types of craft and sewing jobs might be available and a list of manufacturing companies to apply with. When I tried to get my money back from the company, they had disappeared!” Betty Edwards – Memphis, Tennessee

Don’t be too eager to believe snappy advertising copy that implies you can get rich doing crafts or product assembly from home. If it were that simple, we’d all be doing it! You’ve heard it before, and we will tell you again: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!

Typical product assembly work may include packaging material in plastic bags, adding tags, inserting pins into promotional badges, adding buckles to belts, or hand wrapping fishing rods. Sewing and craft work may include mending sweaters, stitching shoe parts, making ski masks, neckties, tote bags or T-shirts, trimming threads on commercially woven placemats, or putting in coat linings. Good work for a few, perhaps, but awfully boring to most, and very hard to come by.

There may also be limited opportunities for craftworkers who can do machine knitting, sewing or figurine painting, but if you have such skills, you would probably be better off starting your own business on your own! To give you an idea, HomeWorkers Net only receives a few of these types of legitimate opportunities every few months! If these types of jobs were available, we would know about it.

HomeWorkers Net does not allow advertising in our Members Only area from companies and organizations that require start up fees, investments or service charges of any kind. All positions are REAL and LEGITIMATE home based job opportunities!

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