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Posted by | October 8, 2010 | Help From HomeworkersNet

HomeworkersNet Facebook Work At Home Job App

Facebook, as you’ve probably noticed, is everywhere. With this idea in mind, decided to make it easier for you to access work at home jobs directly from your Facebook account.

A Facebook app (or application) is simply an interface that allows you to seamlessly interact with HomeworkersNet without leaving the Facebook setting. The app displays information the way a normal website does, but it also has the ability to interface with the Facebook server. As a result, users can now check for recent work at home job openings with a simple click directly from Facebook.

Our developers and technicians spent many months working with our job seekers and employers to create a system that would allow new job leads to be immediately available to our users. The application is free and is the only application on the Facebook network that gives you free access to legit and updated work at home jobs!

Just add our application to your FaceBook page by clicking here. You’ll be able to search for jobs while chatting with your friends and contacts on FaceBook. All you need to get started is a FREE HomeWorkersNet account.

Add the HomeworkersNet Home Based Job Searching Application to your FaceBook Account Now.

You can also interact with our Home Based Career Specialists by clicking the “LIKE” button on our Facebook Fan Page. This will give you free and immediate access to the the jobs and resources that we post daily.

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