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QUESTION: I have the same paper resume that I’ve been using for years. I don’t think I’m having much luck with it because I am not getting any interviews. Can you provide me with some resume tips or links that will help me prepare that kind of resume that will land me a home based job?


The work-at-home job search – it’s no afternoon at Starbucks, that is for sure. Instead, it is the beginning of a lengthy and tough crusade. The thing that seasoned Homeworkers find astonishing is the belief by some that sending just three resumes per week is plenty! Those of us who have “been there, done that” know…. With three resumes per week, you chances are probably better of winning the lottery! Like it or not, finding a work at home job is a “job” itself.

To employers, you are a product–just like Starbucks Skinny-Half-Caf or Jimmy Choo shoes. As a result, just like any good retailer, you should market yourself by publicizing your best attributes. Don’t ask what the employer can do for you, tell what YOU can do for the employer.

Paper Resumes Are So 1998
Ahh, much like Betamax, 8-tracks and Prairie Skirts, paper resumes are out. The new world of job searching requires new techniques to reach employers and posting your resume online is one of the best. Electronic resumes require a dynamic approach, and, therefore, should include careful phraseology and clear descriptions.

First, Clean up Your Act. 
Resume, business cards, brochures and references all must be in impeccable condition before communicating with employers. If necessary, use a professional to get your collateral material in order. We’ve seen homeworkers who have paid as much as $2,500 to
have her resume package, complete with stenciled folders and PowerPoint presentations, designed by a top advertising firm. She landed a great home gig a few days later. Of course, we do not suggest that you go to such extremes. Just keep in mind that other job seekers are desperate too and are willing to stop at nothing to get the gig.

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Then, Get Positive.
Negative advertising often hits the wrong buttons and is probably on of the biggest mistakes that potential Homeworkers make. Abstain from telling the employer that you need to work at home to be with your kids, because you are on workers compensation or because you loathe commuting. Furthermore, don’t expect the employer to give you a job just because you feel qualified and really, REALLY want to work from home. Desire alone will not land the job!

Finally, Be Honest.
The “truth in advertising” rule applies to you and your background as much as it does to flavored coffee and designer shoes. If the employer is only hiring homeworkers who have legal office experience, and you only have medical office experience, don’t bother applying! Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t shine a positive light on your skills and
accomplishments. That’s only good marketing!

Keywords Are The Key
Try to think of what “keywords” might be associated with your intended career field and incorporate those words in your online resume. For instance, a medical biller should use industry specific terms such as “ICD/9,” “CPT codes” and “Medicare” since these are the terms that an employer might use when looking for a potential candidate.

Be A Professional, Not A Playa
As always, it is important to demonstrate a professional image. That means chucking your bigboodietrudie@aol email address in exchange for something a little more business-like. It is also vitally important that you be reachable via telephone, cell, fax, email, instant messenger, chat and any other means of communication. Remember, the more options you give the employer, the better your chances will be of actually hearing from one of them.

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