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Home Based Technical Writing Business

Technical writing would make an excellent home-based business and I’m speaking from experience! Many members are enjoying success from home performing technical writing. Their tasks usually include transforming retail product directions and instructions into user friendly help files, manuals and pamphlets. The pay is great and the work is endless. (According to the Society for Technical Communication, technical writers and editors earn an average of $55,850 to $74,610 per year or more.)

Now, I know what many of you are probably thinking… you see the word “technical” and your palms get sweaty. Worse – the word “writing” gives you flashbacks of high school English. But don’t fret. There are a variety of technical writing opportunities – some that involve advanced skills and others that do not.

Put simply, technical writing is the presentation of information on any scientific, engineering, academic, business or technological topic in the form most suited to its user. A technical writer can be someone who prepares resumes, writes grants, creates contracts, edits books or articles, writes web content, prepares term papers, bibliographies and reference lists, writes instructions, edits manuals and guidebooks, prepares legal documents, copyedits, drafts letters, prepares software or hardware installation procedures, writes and edits textbooks, prepares training courses, compiles service guides, maintains help files, writes newsletters, prepares business proposals and so much more.

Technical writers are in big demand and many companies are willing to pay top dollar for someone with technical writing skills. Better yet, a vast majority of technical writing jobs are freelance, off-site, home based or “virtual”. If you are looking to work from your home, technical writing might just be the ticket to get your there.

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