The Cold Hard Facts About Why You Cant Get a Home Based Job

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The following is a blog post by HomeworkersNet member Jessica Seeger. Jessica currently works from her home as a Home Based Tech Support Agent. She found her job thanks to the website.

How many work at home jobs have you applied to? 



Fifty !!! ?

If you have applied to at least ten legitimate work at home job opportunities but have not received a reply thenyour resume is not doing its job.

One of the most common questions I see is

I have applied to a lot of jobs but never hear anything from them, Why? 

Well, the reason usually involves the same two problems:

1. I have applied to ALL the jobs generally turns out to mean I have only applied to one or two typing or data entry jobs from home jobs and that\’s it.

Yes, typing from home is great, but the truth is: REAL typing from home job opportunities are rare. Most are scams. The legit jobs (such as the ones you\’ll find posted with are highly competitive. A typical typing specialist or data entry assistant position receives THOUSANDS (yes… thousands!) of resumes. These employers are free to pick and choose only the absolute best homeworkers. So, if you do not have extensive clerical experience including experience working from home, then you are going to find it very hard to land a home based data entry or secretarial position. If you really want to get hired you will need to consider many of the other worthwhile work at home opportunities such as Customer Service, Tech Support, Blogging, Telephone Work, Sales, Marketing, Internet Research, Tutoring, Writing, Recruiting and many others.

2. Your resume sucks

Yea, I know, it sounds harsh, but unfortunately it is usually true. If your resume is too short, does not highlight your skills or accomplishments, does not include related keywords or contains typos or other errors then you will not hear from the hiring manger. Why should they contact you? They have hundreds of people to choose from! Which resume is going to get their attention? The one that highlights great career accomplishments in a detailed and professional writing style and includes an extensive list of home office tools and equipment – or the very short and boring resume that provides a basic list of duties from a previous job? I typed up reports. Answered phones. Helped customers…

I am guilty too!

Before you get upset, realize that I am speaking from experience because I made all of these mistakes myself before I actually landed my first home based job. I had a terrible resume, I only applied to $15 per hour data entry jobs and all I had access to in my home office was my cordless house phone and my five year old family desktop PC with one of those pitiful thermal fax machines. And, of course, I never heard from not one employer. I complained that I never got a response for anyone. Gee, I wonder why? I was so annoying.

Luckily, I wised up. I started to pay attention to other job seekers that DID get hired and found that they all shared a common characteristic – they took their job search very seriously, they were considerate of just about any opportunity to work from home, and they came across as a true professional with a polished resume, an online portfolio, good credit, solid background and education, excellent references, and an impressive home office.

It was then that I decided to take responsibility for my own career. Free sites like are a great resource with legit job leads and tons of great information, but they cannot get you hired. Only you can do that by actually applying the advice they are giving you here and changing your attitude and approach. That\’s what I did – and that\’s when I got hired!

My first job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Telephone Call Center Home Based Agent starting at $8.50 per hour. The hours were sporadic and the pay was nothing to get excited about, but it was a real job with real income. With this experience and a few more improvements to my resume and home office. I was on my way!

My second job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Home Based Customer Service Agent making $10.75 per hour. Now, this was more like it! I loved the work and enjoyed full time hours plus benefits. That was more than a year ago. When I felt it was time to move on, I came back to with even more experience, an even better resume and a great attitude. By now I also had a great list of references too. As a result, I landed another, better job.

My third job through HomeworkersNet was…
A Home Based Tech Support Agent with Network Solutions (a job that I found here in the listings). Now I am making $15.25 per hour plus benefits and I absolutely love my job. I rock!!!

Oh, by the way, Envelope Stuffing is a scam

Yeap, that\’s right. I learned the hard way. Before I joined HomeworkersNet I was scammed by a couple of these envelope stuffing offers. Not only did I lose money but I never once got a job or earned a dime after applying with an envelope stuffing program.

Don\’t believe me? Ask HomeworkersNet, they will tell you the same thing.

Envelope stuffing jobs do not exist so if you are holding out for something like this you are going to be disappointed. My advice to you is to stop waiting for these too good to be true opportunities where you get to sit around and put paper in envelopes and earn $15 per hour. No employer out there is looking for anybody to do this – no matter what the scammers tell you.

So, you see – it is time for YOU to take responsibility for your own career too. This is what you need to do: 

– Improve your home office: make sure you have a newer computer and all the necessary bells and whistles that allows you to perform work from your home. This means you should have a landline, mobile and VOIP phone access and digital voicemail

– Internet Fax

– File sharing and Online Backup

– Reliable email (not free gmail or hotmail accounts!)

– Home office accounting software such as Quickbooks Online

– Write an ACCOMPLISHMENT based resume: This means you need to think about HOW you did your work and what the outcome was. Employers do not care that you “answered phones and typed documents” !! I mean, everybody can do that. Employers are more interested in HOW you did you work. With what program? How many ? Were you successful? If so, why? Did you “answer approximately 100 phone calls per hour providing exception service to each caller despite the high volume. Was named Employee Of The Month three months in a row based on customer feedback of my dedicated attention to their needs.” ?? (That\’s a line from my actual resume, by the way.)

Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes

– Post A Professional Resume Online: If you are not represented on the biggest and best job boards then forget about getting hired. Think of it this way… who is an employer more likely to hire? The person who gives them one, old fashioned resume attachment via email – or the person who gives them an ACCOMPLISHMENT based resume attachment via email AND links to all of their online portfolios?

Trust me when I tell you – your competition is already doing this, so you\’d better get to work getting yourself online! I would suggest that create a resume or profile on all of the following services (all are free so you have nothing to lose):
Create Career Profile on Snagajob
Post your resume with Beyond
Post Your FREE Resume on Monster 
Create a profile on VOT
Register with Elance
Post resume with TheLadders
Post your resume on your own Domain and Web page (only the best of the best do this but it works like a charm!)
If you know of other free resume or profile posting services, post your resume there too! Yea – this will take some time and effort on your part but trust me – it is a MUST if you want to compete with all the other homeworkers out there. And it really does help you land a great job.

– Apply to more than one job: I always see job seekers complaining about not being hired or never getting a reply. I always ask them what jobs they have applied to so far and they usually say “one or two typing jobs” or “a couple of virtual assistant projects”. Seriously people! You are not going to land one of these coveted jobs with a boring resume and no experience! I promise that if you actually expand the possibilities and start applying to telephone, sales, customer service, recruiting and other jobs – you will have better luck. If a clerical job is really all you want then you\’ll need to put in the legwork and get some experience under your belt to prove to these employers that they can count on you. Chances are, you will find that you love telephone and support work more and will decide to stick with it.
Search jobs here, free

-Actually USE How often do you really login? On average, most job seekers only login to online job services twice in the first month and then only every couple of months after that. This is certainly not enough to land a job. At the minimum you should be actively looking at new job postings at least twice per WEEK. Your goal should be to apply to three to five new jobs weekly until you are hired. Remember, if you apply to ten jobs without a reply or request for an interview from an employer then you probably need to re-do your resume.

These are the suggestions that worked for me and helped me actually land a great job after years of complaining. If i can do it then I know you can too!

Good luck

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