What You Should Know About Those PROVEN Home Business Offers

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Proven, Secret, Powerful, Money Making Home Business Opportunities (That You Should Avoid!)

You’ve probably heard about those work at home opportunities where you pay to get a business system that’s already been “proven” to be a money maker. Perhaps its “ad placing” or “envelope stuffing” or (our favorite) a “secret system”. Sometimes it is simply a “powerful home business system.” The pitch sounds great. They claim you will make great money after you learn the system, which of course, they can teach you for a fee.

So, are these offers for real? Are people successfully working from home with them?

The short answer to your questions is NO.


Seriously, the general rule to follow is that if you are asked to pay a fee for a “proven system” that will earn you big money, run and don’t look back. While not all of these opportunities are “scams” (some, in fact, are legit / legal offers), few will offer you a real income from home. Many use misleading and unethical advertising practices to entice you. Others simply LIE about earnings and practices. Many of these offers have been around for years and they tend to target women who are raising families, elderly looking for additional income and the disabled who are in desperate need for income from home. Unfortunately, it is very easy for people who are vulnerable to fall victim to these misleading or exaggerated offers.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus received so many complaints on this topic that it formed a special task force to study the problem. Over a 6 month period, they answered ads for hundreds of work-at-home business opportunities but did not find any that generated the level of income promised. None. Not even ONE program that lived up to the claims.

(Don’t confuse these “proven” home based gimmick offers with legit franchise and multi level sales and direct sales opportunities which do offer SOME decent earnings if you work at it. Think: CAbi, Avon, Pampered Chef, and the like). Some people do well with home based sales programs and others do not.

So, the bottom line – you should just avoid all of these “proven” and “secret” home business opportunities. YOU WILL NOT EARN BIG MONEY FROM HOME. Nor will you get insider “secrets” about some great home business opportunity that will make you rich (or even make you a few bucks). The purpose of these offers is to get your money by making you buy the “secret” or “proven” system – perhaps in the form of videos or CDs or a book for you to read. After you watch the videos and read the books you will be no more prepared or ready to start earning big money from home than you were before you handed over your cash.

Trust us – if there is a legit home business opportunity that will allow you to earn solid money from home then we will tell you about it here at HomeworkersNet.com – We will fill you in on all the details so that you can make an informed decision. We will promise you that we’ve done the research and are confident in recommending the program to you.

To date, we have not found any of these opportunities to be worthwhile. None of them, not even if pigs fly…..

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